What is causing spots to come back? There are four reasons spots seem to return.

1. Improper cleaning
There are some ways that cleaners can cause this problem. Improper cleaning procedures can create an environment in which spots reappear.
First, some spills can saturate carpet yarns down to the backing. If the cleaner fails to do a thorough and deep cleaning of the spot, the dirt is only removed from the surface portion of the yarns. The deep soil can now rise to the surface during the drying process, causing the spot to appear to return.
Second, the problem may stem from spotting agents which require special rinsing. If the proper procedures are not followed, a sticky residue can be left in the carpet. In this case, the original spill has been removed but the cleaning agent left behind is now the cause of re-soiling.

2. Consider the source
Some consumer spills can penetrate beyond the face fibers and into the carpet backing and pad. In this situation, even though the face fibers are thoroughly cleaned, the source for re-soiling lies beyond the reach of standard maintenance cleaning procedures. A portion of the original spill is still present and can come to the surface, causing a problem. Common examples of this are pet urine or oil spills.
Unless the customer informs the cleaner that a deep penetrating spill has occurred, there is no reason for the cleaner to anticipate a problem. It is otherwise reasonable for cleaners to assume that if the face fibers are clean, then he has successfully accomplished his job.

3. Sticky spots
There are certain spills and products that in of themselves are not visible but are sticky and collect dirt. The visible spot is not the original spill or product, but the soil it collects.
Here again, unless the cleaner is informed of the more complicated nature of the spot, it is reasonable to assume the problem is resolved when it can no longer be seen.
A common example is when consumers use inappropriate products to clean their own carpet. These products may clean the original spot but then leave an invisible sticky residue causing spots to return.

4. New spills
In some cases, there is no re-soiling problem. What gives the illusion of a returning spot is actually a new spill.
Consumers often cannot account for what caused the original spots. It is possible to clean the carpet properly and still have the source of the spots continue to produce new ones.
A common example of this is when a child wanders the house dripping apple juice on the carpet. The apple juice spills are not detected, but over the next few days dirt from dust in the air or from shoes will bond with the sticky drip spots and become noticeable.


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